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Supermarket Tommy

by car

direction Vadalj - 1,5 km

or many smaller shops: Konzum, Delo, ( in the city)

fresh fish and vegetable market: near the entrance of the city, at the left

 Eko village "Šarićevi dvori", restaurant with dalmatian specialities, best rated restaurant in 

this region, must see

mob. for reservations: 00385 98 1743 334

Very different, but excellent, restaurant Mediteran, chef Pero, modern dalmatian cooking

mob. for reservations:00385 98 445 945

Do not forget- excelent shooping on fish market in Šibenik ( up to 11 o'clock)

and in Split -Mall of Split or City center Split, or 100 of small shops in the old part of the city,

among the walls of Dioklecian palace more than 2000 years old roman city- must see

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